Video is a compelling way to differentiate your financial services business in a crowded space.  Whether it is building your brand, keeping in touch with your customers, providing internal compliance training, or marketing your products, video creates engagement and attention that is impossible to replicate with other mediums.

Our team can help you use video and animation to bring complex ideas to life, creating deeper audience engagement.  Our experience in financial services allows us to help shape your messages in a way that is specific to your context and needs, generating the results you’re looking for.

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Benefits of video

Video is one of the most effective ways to personalise your message and deliver information that is easy to digest, entertaining and engaging. The return on investment from video is strong because content can be reused across multiple platforms, with only minor edits required to support the unique needs of each channel

We understand the importance of trust in financial services, and video is one of the most effective ways to build direct rapport with your stakeholders in an efficient and scalable way.

In addition, using video and animation will engage people’s attention and help them retain information: with the right videography and animation, a message that might take 5 minutes to comprehend through a written update can often be absorbed through a 45-60 second video

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