Vmation has worked with a diverse range of professional services clients, including legal and accounting firms, on the full suite of communications solutions. This has included corporate branding to help professional services firms differentiate their business in a crowded market.

We also specialise in creating thought leadership content, engaging industry insights, and regulatory updates for existing and potential clients.

Internal communications, including induction videos, internal culture, and milestone celebrations feature strongly in the repertoire of many of our professional service clients.

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Benefits of using video

The professional services industry is based on building trust with potential clients. Video is demonstrated to be the best medium for emotional engagement and for gaining trust and connection with your audience.

Video is one of the most effective ways to personalise your message and deliver information that is easy to digest and captivating.

The return on investment from video is strong because content can be reused across multiple platforms, with only minor edits required to support the unique needs of each channel.

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