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Videos are great, but if they can’t be used for marketing, what’s the point? Every corporate video, animated video or testimonial video serves its unique purpose, and that’s to grow awareness about your business, your product or your service. Vmation’s team considers all marketing channels and messages in every stage of your full-service video production.  We tailor videos based on what’s most likely to generate results for clients and also implement proven call-to-action video strategies. This point of difference is why Vmation offers the best marketing video production Brisbane has to offer.

Videos Built for Marketing

Vmation’s marketing video production Brisbane service creates videos that follow a specific formula. Each and every video we create is designed to initially engage your audience and capture their attention. This requires creativity and thought by leveraging a problem/solution scenario based on in-depth customer research. Then, as your viewer travels through the customer buyer funnel, the marketing video is designed to nurture their needs and answer all their questions in a subtle way. This process, combined with a strong call to action, leaves your audience satisfied with the information and encourages them to make a purchase decision.

Whether you’re in need of branding, marketing or explainer videos to showcase your potential, the Vmation team will work tirelessly to put together a video marketing strategy to help you maximise the outcome of your video. We provide tailored solutions for every communication platform depending on your goals for marketing and also for your business.

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Vmation Measures Your Marketing Results

A significant benefit of Vmations video production services is the unlimited support pre-production, during production and post-production. We strive to give our clients insight into best practice when it comes to using their videos, and instead of just telling them, we support them with the rollout of their marketing video. How?

Vmation workshops the best video marketing strategy specific to each business goals and provides necessary information on how to best measure the outcome. We host the videos, so they’re ready to share, and work closely with your internal marketing teams to ensure they reach a large part of your target audience. If you’d like your video featured on your website, we’ll help you embed it to boost search traffic and increase the amount of time people spend on your site. Finally, we’ll track, measure and evaluate key statistics to ensure you’re getting the delivery that you’d hoped for.

Sensational Standards for Video Production

Using outstanding storytelling and quality video production techniques, Vmation produces powerful video marketing content that is designed to convert. Our up-to-date technologies, trends and equipment, including professional cameras, lighting, audio and drones, provide our Brisbane clients with only the highest-quality videos. Our strategic call-to-action technology helps you secure sensational KPIs going forward.

DIY Marketing Video Production Brisbane

If you’re not after a complete video production service, Vmation provides SelfV video production kits so you can direct and shoot your own marketing content.  With quick turn-around times, this is a fast, efficient and effective video production solution. We’ll edit it and include all the elements needed to ensure your video is professional and unique to your brand!

How effective is video?

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video

(compared to only 10% when reading text).

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The increase in click-through rate with video is as high as 96%.

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Videos are shared 1200% more times than links and text combined.

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Why video for your business?

Marketing videos double as a 24/7 representative of your company, working tirelessly to drive sales and build brand authenticity. Corporate videos are advantageous as they allow you to easily tell your story, create brand awareness and feature a consistent call to action.

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Quick, effective viewer engagement

Videos grab your viewers interest much faster than text.

Drive more traffic to your site

Videos boost search engine results by working to keep people on your website longer.

Increase your communication opportunities

Videos, and also using the word ‘video’ in your subject line, dramatically increase your email click-through rate.

More channels, more reach

Videos can easily be shared across multiple platforms to increase the number of people viewing your video.

Create brand awareness

Branded videos build your audience’s exposure to your brand, and increase brand recognition on other mediums.

Our process to create quality, innovative marketing video solutions that convert!

Tailored research, strategy & storyboarding

The Vmation video content creation team will meet with you delve into your business goals, campaign goals and video goals and then guide you through a brainstorming session to select the video that is right for you.

Filming & production

Using high-end technologies, up to date trends and equipment (including professional cameras, lighting, audio and drones) we’ll create high-quality and authentic corporate video content that leaves an impact on your audience.

Market distribution

We’ll align with you to decide the best method of marketing and then track, measure and evaluate the success of your video using key statistics. We won’t stop adapting until we deliver on the most effective video solution for you.

A word from our happy video clients!

“As grantmakers, we’ve used video to really illustrate where our funds are going and also the outcomes that we’re achieving with our charity partners.”

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Need a marketing alternative for your business?

Try the DIY kit for video marketing success

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