We have worked with many non-profit organisations and understand the sector is a crowded space, with millions of organisations competing for awareness, relevance and funding.

Video and animation will help your not-for-profit stand out.  Our video and animation content will help you build brand awareness, demonstrate community impact, communicate with your beneficiaries and engage with current and potential donors.

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Benefits of video

Whether you are looking to engage with your donors, demonstrate impact to funding partners, or communicate with your beneficiaries, video and animation are effective tools for driving engagement and information retention in your not-for-profit organisation.

In a Non-profit context, video and animation can be used to express complex and sensitive information in a highly simplified way, which can resonate with audiences with limited familiarity of topics or with language or literacy challenges.

Video is demonstrated to be the best medium for emotional engagement and for gaining trust and connection with your audience, which means you’re more likely to achieve the results you’re looking for.

For information on how our video and animation experts can support your nonprofit communication needs, contact us today.