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Personalised Video

We all know that strong relationships are important to customer loyalty and retention. That’s why we’ve developed personalised video. Personalised video helps you to build meaningful relationships with your audience and enhance your video marketing. A personalised video, (also known as dynamic video or customised video) enables you to engage your customers by including specific information about the individual recipient (taken from your database). We insert this information strategically into your video, giving your audience an excellent customer experience, that speaks directly to them.


If you need to find a way of communicating with with your audience that sparks their curiosity and makes an emotional connection, then personalised video is the right choice for you. Personalised videos encourage deeper engagement with your content and is perfect for industries such as insurance, healthcare, education, finance and many more (particularly if you’re an organisation that sends out regular client specific communication such as account statements).

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Benefits of Personalised Video

Personalised marketing tactics are a trend that is here to stay. Users are increasingly expecting personalisation as a standard part of their experience, be it in email, social media, internet browsing or somewhere else. Video personalisation is no exception. Personalised videos create a one-to-one connection with your audience. This makes it much easier for your marketing message to cut through and resonate with your target market. In fact, the engagement rates of personalised video are proven to see an improvement compared to not customised content. Personalised videos deliver a CTR that is 164% higher than a generic video. Further, personalised videos see a 116% increase in conversion.

For more information on how personalised video can enhance your marketing strategy, contact us.