Video and animation are ideally suited to software and technology industries. At Vmation, we use video and animation to help our clients demonstrate software, build engagement with channel partners, and optimise customer care.

Training videos using animation and graphics can create deeper use of your software product, and can reduce the volume of inbound customer care enquiries

A well-thought-out video can deliver all the right information easily in less than a minute, with a pleasurable engaging experience for the viewer.

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Benefits of using video

Software navigation for your prospects can be made super easy to follow. Understanding mobile and desktop interfaces navigation is conveyed in under a minute, compared to 5 minutes of text and image explanation. This may be the difference between a customer staying on your site to connect with you or leaving.

Training videos especially using animation and graphics can create a much greater depth of usage of technology and systems.

Video is also one of the easiest ways for clients to know and appreciate what you do as well as the services you provide. You can more easily differentiate yourself from the competition and it is proven to be the best medium to build trust with your audience.

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