Training with Animation

With 65% of the population being visual learners, and animation having a 47% retention rate, animation sits above traditional classroom learning and in-person demonstrations when it comes to engagement.

Safety and Educational Training

Accidents at work are something everyone wants to avoid. Most workplace injuries and fatal accidents occur in labour-intensive industries, particularly in construction and warehousing. Research also shows that combining an effective online training program with in-person training elements reduces total training time while maintaining learning effectiveness. Due to this, online training should be a priority for all workers in these and related industries.


As Registered Training Organisations, it’s important to regularly update training modules in line with changing industry standards and keep learners engaged and focused through informative, interesting and interactive content. This is something that we at Vmation excel at!


A Vmation training animation could look like a branded character outlining the importance of wearing PPE, first aid demonstrations, or scenario-based situations to help workers best respond to workplace scenarios. The options are endless.


We have worked with big names like Hutchinson Builders, Multinail, the MPAQ and Health Ombudsman, to see how animation can be used to elevate your training modules, check out these examples below that we have created:    

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