What’s included in this Masterclass?

This online masterclass is run by our Head Producer at Vmation, Stephen Bergin. He shares practical tips and tricks on how to make professional videos on your mobile. In this Masterclass Stephen will take you through all the essential video tips and tricks you need to know from lighting to composition and sound.


What you will learn:

Why film from your phone

How to sound and look good in a video (sound, framing, lighting, camera)

The tools and setup you need to get started

Presenting basics to keep it professional


Who is this class for?

Everyone and anyone who wants to learn how to create a professional video using a phone.


About your host

Video Producer Brisbane, Brisbane Video Producer


Stephen brings 19 years of experience in broadcast, as both a producer and sound artist. He was the series producer of 3 national television programs, including popular teen series’ ‘Totally Wild’ and ‘Toasted TV’. With his plethora of experience, Stephen holds a broad knowledge and skill base across location and studio producing, directing, writing, editing and shooting. He is also a qualified trainer and assessor, specialising in lecturing television and video production related subjects.


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