Vmation – Video Production Services

Vmation is Brisbane’s leading video production company and production house. Our team of video gurus are experts in Brisbane Video Production. We create a range of videos your business can use to connect with your customers, prospects and staff that you can distribute online. This includes branding, marketing, explainer, events, testimonial, training and much more. One of the great things about Vmation’s video production is our film and animation video team can create video content for any industry.

See examples of some of our video below.

Marketing Video

As more organisations move toward a content marketing approach for communicating value to customers, video continues to dominate as the medium with the most cut through and engagement with all kinds of audiences. Video content marketing and the use of video to achieve strategic business goals is growing in popularity every day thanks to the tangible results and the ROI gained.

Explainer Video

Have a complex subject to explain? An explainer video helps breakdown complicated ideas into clear and concise visuals that can be easily understood by the viewer.  Explainer Video’s help convey ideas, concepts and company offering in an informative and educational way.

Training Video

 Viewers retain 95% more information in videos, versus 10% when reading, making video an excellent training tool for customer or internal training videos. If you need to deliver important, often lifesaving information to your staff or clients, video is the most effective way of presenting it.

Testimonial Video

What better way to capture your clients or customers recommendation, admiration and praise than through a Testimonials video. Visual proof that the world things your great! Testimonial videos build trust to potential clients, as well as exhibiting how you were able to solve a problem, support a client, or why your product or service is better than the rest.

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