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Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of working closely with UQ on a variety of dynamic video and animation projects that have allowed us to showcase our expertise and dedication to producing engaging and informative content. Our work together has spanned a range of topics, from educational explainer videos tailored for UQ’s international students to captivating animations that bring complex concepts to life.


Working with Edge

Our recent animation project that exemplifies our collaboration with UQ is the creation of an explainer video specifically designed for UQ’s international student community. This video was crafted with the aim of providing valuable information to incoming students, helping them navigate the UQ experience and make the most of their time at the university. Through a combination of compelling visuals, clear narration, and a deep understanding of UQ’s unique values, we were able to produce a video that resonated with students, providing them with essential insights while showcasing the university’s commitment to excellence.

Our partnership with UQ has not only highlighted our animation and video production capabilities but has also demonstrated our ability to enhance the university’s communication efforts. We understand the importance of effective communication, especially in the academic world, where conveying information clearly and engagingly is crucial. We take pride in our role as a trusted partner in this endeavor, consistently delivering results that surpass expectations and align with UQ’s communication goals.

The Power Of Video

Check out some of the video we have produced using Self-V with Edge Early Learning.

Viewer retention on video

Studies have shown that video dramatically improves people’s ability to remember concepts and details.

It is far easier for people to understand and absorb information by watching video content. With video, you can explain and demonstrate procedures with visuals to help employees learn by example. 

  • Video Viewer Retention – Up to 95%
  • Reading Information – 10%
  • Hearing Information – 10%

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