Looking to pizzazz up your video content with a fresh new perspective? Well, you can (literally) with some drone footage.

Drone videos have seen some HUGE potential in the corporate space in recent years, particularly as video continues to grow as a preferred medium for consumers to receive content.

Want to know how drone videos can add to your content strategy? Here’s a list of 3 clever ways businesses are using drone footage.

Establishing shots

Want a killer view of your golf course, company building or river-side location? Drone videos make excellent establishing shots. The 4K camera quality and versatility of movement make it easy to capture all angles and heights. Just have a look for yourself!


Group shots

Are you frustrated with members of the team not fitting in the frame, or tired of the same old team photos? Give your team photos a make-over with a drone video. We love this one from our friends at Wistia.


If you’re filming a company outing or event, group drone shots make for a dynamic piece of extra content to add to your re-cap video.

Motion shots

Capturing motion is not always easy, but thanks to the versatility of drones, the sky’s the limit (quite literally too)! You can follow the action, take scenic footage from above and even experiment with new camera techniques – like ‘the reveal’.

A Lot of drones today also have the capability to stabilise videos exceptionally well, so you can get outstanding videos like this.


If you’re looking to add a fresh new angle into your corporate video, it’s worth considering the potential of drone videos. We highly recommend you get in touch with a drone professional, who can help you capture the best drone footage for your next project. Lucky for us, our very own Stephen Bergin, is a licensed UAV operator!