There are a lot of options when it comes to making corporate videos. You can do it yourself, collaborate with your co-workers, or you can bring in the big guns and call the professionals! For larger projects that may require more crew, working with a video production company may be the best bet to ensure the quality of videos is of a high standard.

To make the most out of your collaboration with a production company, we’ve prepared a list of seven things to keep in mind when working with a Brisbane video production company.

Have a Clear Vision

Having a clear vision of what exactly you want to achieve will make the production process much more efficient. Some questions you may want to ask yourself may be: Who is my target audience, what is my call to action and where will this video be published? Sharing this information with the crew as early as possible helps them get on the same page from the very start, ensuring that everyone puts their very best foot forward.

Know the Tone

Certain videos require certain tones, depending on your audience and purpose. This tone might aim to be a sense of trust for a promotional video, for example. Establishing the right tone of your video is important when it comes to making the right choices in lighting, music, and even framing. If you’re unsure, consulting your video production company is always a great idea. They’re the experts, after all!

Be Open to New Ideas and Suggestions

Working with a video team means you will get some fresh perspectives thrown into the mix. Whilst it may take a bit of explaining to get the video team on the same page as you, your content can benefit greatly from the new perspective, especially from a technical point-of-view!

Define the Scope

Getting your expectations straight is key when working with a video production company. Being able to clearly explain your needs helps the production company set the correct constraints for the project. For example, if you want a 30-second video for socials and a full 4 minute cut for your website, defining this in your scope allows the production company to factor them in the budget and timeline – so there are no unwanted surprises!

Understand your Budget and Timeline (and its limitations)

Understanding the scope, budget and timeline is vital when it comes to creating a video. A great way to wrap your mind around this is through the triple constraint theory, which presents these three factors as a Venn diagram. It suggests that high-quality work is either fast and expensive, or cheap and slow – but never both. You can, however, produce a great piece of work that may be of lower quality but still of great value, using a DIY kit like SelfV.

Extra content = More $$

Sometimes things pop up – like later realising that a line in the script doesn’t sound great on camera, or there needs to be an additional scene to wrap the video up. In that case, you might choose to add extra content in or reshoot a scene. And that’s okay, but keep in mind that requesting content outside of what was discussed in the brief, will more than likely incur at an extra cost.

Communication is key

With any good relationship, communication is key. This is no different from production companies. Throughout the stages of pre-production, production, and post-production, producers will likely check in to see your thoughts on certain pieces. Responding to these check-ins in a timely manner allows producers to quickly progress with your video. Often, a lack of response can hold up the delivery of the video. If you don’t want your timeline to blow out, best to stay on top of your cues!

In summary, the best videos are built from having a clear vision, an open mind, and clear communication with your production team. If you are interested in trying your hand at creating a corporate video, contact the team at Vmation today!