So you have created an amazing video, you have posted it to your site and socials, you sit back and wait for all the love to roll in, right? Well…. Almost! As the popularity of video increases, it can often get lost in a sea of content. So how do we tackle this issue? One way is through optimising SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Let’s look at a couple of tricks to help your video rank higher in search and be seen by more people.


Backlinks are links to the video that are external and lead back to the content. This could be ranging from a person sharing the video link to their personal social media, or a journalist publishing an article about a video campaign. Essentially, when others share the video, this generates backlinks to the site. The result of this is increased touchpoints that help videos rank higher up in SEO.

Video Filename

Did you know that what you name your video file has an impact on SEO? Google picks up on keywords when matching content to relevant search terms. This means having relevant keywords in your filename helps you rank higher up in SEO. So, instead of having a file name of ACD234.mp4, renaming it to seo-and-video-tips.mp4, will help Google understand what the video is about and show it to the right people. Handy!

Video Transcripts

Google can’t read the content in video, well… not yet at least! To pick up on what content is in the video or image, Google AI relies on text being used to describe video. One way to bump up SEO points is through including a transcript of the video on the site. This doesn’t have to be a large misplaced chunk of text on the bottom of the video. It can be integrated into a drop-down box for a more sophisticated look, or hidden in the back end of your website. The benefit of this is that Google’s bots can pick up on the keywords mentioned in the video, bumping up your SEO points.

SEO is a helpful, but often disregarded tool to help you get better traction on your video. By implementing simple steps like the ones above, you will be making sure all of your creative efforts are being seen far and wide!

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