Medical & Health Video Production


Over the last decade, we have helped to create engaging and valuable content for clients in almost every healthcare segment, including diagnostics, primary care, community care, private hospitals and public hospitals.  We have helped clients communicate their brand and value proposition, showcase their facilities, distribute public health messages, provide rehabilitation instructions to patients and communicate internally.

We can help your healthcare enterprise use video and animation to communicate more effectively with your audience.  To learn more, contact our expert team today.

benefits of medical video production


In a healthcare context, video and animation can be used to express complex information in a highly simplified way, which can resonate with audiences with limited familiarity with the healthcare system or with language or literacy challenges.


Video and animation can be effective for communicating information in an intuitive and understandable way.


Video and animation have been demonstrated to substantially increase engagement and information retention.

what is involved? 

Making a film of a medical process or procedure you’re performing is called a medical procedure video. This is something you might want to do to demonstrate your knowledge in a specific subject. You might also document a historic instance using a medical operation film.

Whatever your intentions, recording an informative medical video from beginning to end isn’t going to be fun. We can edit your videos to give them the professional look and feel.

Check out some of our medical video examples

Medical videos to help explain healthcare

Medical videos can be valuable resources for training and educational purposes.

Medical video can help you...
  • Establish yourself as an expert 
  • Convey medical information in a simple way
  • Address frequently asked questions 
  • Showcase your services
Medical explainer videos include....
  • Patient before and after care
  • How to guides
  • Q&A
  • Procedure training 
  • Induction training

A story in Research

As your full-service video and animation partner, we have years of experience helping our clients craft engaging content and training videos.

Our dedicated producers do all the hard work for you and manage every step of the process to ensure that your video content engages your audience with maximum connection. Get in touch with Brisbane’s leading Corporate Video Production house.

Did you know we offer corporate subscription video?


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