Did you know that Vmation has the capability to bring a filming crew to you and offer your company location filming services in Brisbane? Location filming utilises a real-world setting instead of a set in a studio.

Our Brisbane-based Vmation film crews can bring your video needs to life by connecting with your audience in a way that isn’t possible in a studio setting.

Our Vmation filming crews can come to your workplace to create engaging and authentic video content. Through our location filming services, we can help craft messages that showcase your people and your business.

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Benefits of location filming

Location filming can show your audience exactly where you are and who you are.

Location filming offers unique benefits in comparison to its counterpart, studio filming. With location filming, you can show your audience exactly where you are and who you are. This can facilitate trust between an audience and a brand as it leaves no question unanswered.

The aesthetics of your video should be just as important as your message. Where you choose to film will add to the tone and overall feel of your message.

Whether you’re aiming for a calming message or an inspiring one, our Vmation team can help determine what location would work best for your company. For example, a scene in a park or by a body of water can help elevate your calming message, whereas a scene in a busy street or crowded area will add intensity.

Local consumers and organisations in Brisbane will immediately connect with your message when they recognise the scenery and locations in your videos as being a place with which they are familiar.

Location filming is also a cost-effective solution for your video needs. Renting out a studio for an extended period of time for filming can add up, especially if you have a tight budget, so bringing a crew to a location may be a more affordable option.

No matter where you are in Brisbane, our Vmation team can help with all of your location filming needs.

For more information on how to get the most out of your location filming video contact our expert team today.



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