If you’re still unsure of how your company can incorporate holiday-themed videos – here are 5 Holiday Content ideas for your business:


Holiday Greeting Video


Take your regular greeting cards to the next level by turning it into an eCard.

eCards are digital holiday greeting cards that are meant for online sharing, these are typically in the form of video and animation. eCards are especially popular among B2B organisations.

You can send it out as a newsletter or post them on various social media channels to reach more people.

With a little professional help, you can turn this straightforward concept into something unique.


Corporate Holiday Event Video/ Highlight Reel


Planning a holiday event? Film it!

This is the perfect way to showcase your company or brand’s culture, which is the key to developing lasting relationships and building trust among your clients. 

Getting a little help from professional videographers means you can enjoy yourself at the event and impress your clientele with a professionally made video.



Christmas Listicle Video


Listicles (list-based articles) have become so popular! But in 2021, video listicles are the new trend.

Why? Video Listicles are more versatile and they are the perfect content piece for social media – where people are ready to engage with dynamic and well-structured videos.

There are a lot of Christmas-related topics that you could use for a listicle video: most creative Christmas trees, best holiday movies, popular Christmas songs, best travel destinations for the winter holidays, etc. Choose the one that is relevant to your business and start making videos!


Animated/ Motion Graphic Videos

An animated/ motion graphic video is an excellent method to get your holiday message out to your intended audience because of all the creative freedom you can get!

You can showcase any kind of holiday character in any kind of setting you can imagine. Let your imagination run! 

Just Say Thank you

Saying thank you to all your clients and customers is one of the most important things you can do in building relationships. Recognise their support and pay it forward. Moreover, it improves the overall customer experience and helps turn your customers into loyal ambassadors. Christmas is the perfect occasion to do that!

While this is all great, some of us need a little help to get started. Holiday content creation can be daunting but worry not, we’re here to help you.  Get a free holiday video, on us. Click the link below to enter our Christmas Giveaway.