Over the last five years, video has grown tremendously. What was once a “nice-to-have” component of a communications strategy, has become a must-have tool.

Between 2016 and 2020, the average video conversion rate has increased from 8.6% to 12.6% in 2020; and despite narratives of shrinking attention spans, viewers tend to watch longer content if it is compelling.

With video proven to engage and compel audiences, creating a video culture can help build and diversify communication channels within your organisation.

Here are 5 ways to build a video culture at your company:


 1. Create a Video Space

There’s often a misconception that you need a high-end studio and all the camera gear to create a professional video.

Whilst this is good for more formal styles of communication, having a nice backdrop in a quiet room with good lighting is perfect for creating an authentic-looking video.

This also promotes video creation by making it easy for teams to shoot content, specifically content like announcements and testimonials, that would typically consist of a piece-to-camera.


2. Build a Video Advocate in Each Team

When it comes to creating video content regularly, lack of time and experience in generating ideas and executing videos is also a common culprit to creating more video content.

To mitigate this, hiring a ‘you shoot, we edit’ service like SelfV can take the stress out of the technical aspects of video – such as editing, subtitles and even selecting the right gear.

Instead, you can focus on building up a staff member to be a video advocate in each team.

This will help to encourage teams to think laterally about ways to use video in their communications, and can be a helping hand in filming content.


3. Create Video Signatures

A fun way to add personality to your organisation internally is to personify email signatures by including video in your email footer.

See this email footer for example. The video doesn’t have to be super long or sophisticated either – having a short 30-second spiel about yourself is enough to showcase your personality and what you do!

In a larger organisation, video email signatures can even be a fun way to introduce yourself to others in your organisation that you may not have met before.


4. Use Video for Internal Communications

Do you have an announcement to make? A special day to celebrate, or a thank-you message to send to a department in your organisation?

Video for internal communications can be a great way to connect with employees in a scalable yet personal way.

This can be of almost anything – here is a shortlist of some popular internal video ideas we’ve worked on.


5. Create a Space to Share Video Successes and Failures

Creating space for employees to chat about video successes and failures encourages video learning which enables you as an organisation to continually improve your video content.

At Vmation, we are equipped with tools and video experts to analyse your video performance and make suggestions on video ideas to better engage your audience.

To learn more about our video services, or our ‘you shoot, we edit’ video solutions, or for a confidential discussion on how to create compelling video content, get in touch with the Vmation team.