Every brand has a story to tell. With digital platforms becoming increasingly cluttered with content, a strong brand presence and identity can break through the clutter and leave a lasting impression. 

Your story is a huge part of your brand. People don’t just buy into a product or service, they buy part of your story, so making this relatable, inspiring or sentimental can help viewers connect with your brand on a more personal level.

Whilst there are many different ways in which brand videos can be used – we’ve detailed a few popular examples of brand videos we’ve created for our clients.


Brand Story Video

Telling your organisation’s story is one way to create trust amongst your audience. 

This narrative video we created for Shine Lawyers delves into their roots – from being a little country law firm, to their growth into Brisbane and around Australia. For organisations, like Shine Lawyers, a video like this can remind viewers of the brand’s origins and its growth over the years.



Another example of communicating a brand story in a larger organisation is through connecting your brand video with the awesome humans that work in it. We created this video series for Subway that explored the story and passion of each franchisee owner within the organisation. Not only did this tell a part of the brand story, but it also connected viewers with the people that work in it.

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Brand Subset Video

There is no doubt that organisations are complex, with many subsets and areas. Showcasing the unique value of each area is another way to communicate a brand’s story.

In this video we created for Aviation Australia, we highlighted one subset of the brand – Avionics. Through this, Aviation Australia was able to illustrate one of the many specialties of their service.


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Edge Early Learning is another one of our clients that have a variety of branches around Australia. We helped them create a series of brand videos, using our SelfV kits at a variety of their centres. With new locations opening up, having an accessible video kit allowed them to film new locations on the go and have brand videos edited in as little as 24hours.



Stylised Character Animations

Stylised character animations are another way to create branded characters that embody your brand’s value and essence. 

Working with Quihn, we were able to create a series of gender and race-neutral characters. Creating universal characters allowed viewers to focus on the topic at hand without any prejudice. 

brand video, character animation


Another great example of character animation in a branded video is Hutch from Hutchinson Builders. We created Hutch to align with the laid-back persona that is reminiscent of the many construction workers at Hutchinson Builders. Take a look at our Hutch highlights reel for a glimpse.




From an organisation story to stylised character animations, there are many ways to communicate a brand’s values. In this digital age, however, brand videos are a highly effective, personal and engaging way to showcase your brand.

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