Video is one of the best ways to capture an audience on social media and the trend is not slowing down any time soon. With so many brands using video to reach their audience, it can be tricky to stick out amidst the crowd. It’s a competitive scene! So we’re here to help! Here are some simple tips on how to butter your video up to make it as captivating as possible to get that click.

1. A picture tells a thousand words

“It’s a video, not a picture!”- very true! However, most viewers don’t have autoplay on, so the cover image for the video needs to be enticing enough to make them hit that play button. Grab their attention with an intriguing image. If it’s a thumbnail, make sure that it is nice and readable from a small size.

2. Titles that stop you scrolling in your tracks

Just like magazines at the checkout, a video with a captivating headline will make you stop and want to know more. Be creative, shocking, fascinating, funny or riveting! A well thought out title will bait the viewer into watching just to scratch the itch of that unanswered question.

3. Captions for any time viewing

Accessibility is very chic and captions aren’t just for those hard of hearing! By adding captions, you expand your audience to your viewers on buses, waiting for coffee, in the back of meetings! This simple addition can help deliver your content to those even just scrolling past, potentially stopping a few in the process. Captions are so important for this reason. Your viewer can watch your video at any time if they can read the dialogue while sitting in the back of that meeting that’s almost putting them to sleep!

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