The key to any successful webinar or live stream is preparation. Our live streaming and webinar production services include a planning session to discuss what you want and how best to achieve it.

We’ll oversee every aspect of the webinar, from the pre-production rehearsal to creating virtual groups and even developing a customized landing page.

the power of video

Check out some of our recent live streaming and webinar video we have created for our awesome clients.

live streaming services

We provide our technical expertise to a wide range of live events, including:


  • Training or education webinars
  • Events including festivals, music shows, product showcases, or reveals
  • Corporate announcements, training, conferences, or AGMs
  • School graduations and other significant events

Benefits of live streaming & webinar video

Webinars require a lot of background work during the session. Not only do you need to manage slides, but you also have to have an on-point video and audio crew. We provide a dedicated on-site technician who will manage every aspect of the webinar to produce excellent results.

We provide all the equipment you need to run the webinar, including the necessary computer and software, cameras, audio equipment, and timed presentations to make your stream a success.

Whether you’re streaming onto a dedicated platform or to Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook, we’ve got the expertise to guarantee a smooth and hassle-free experience. We take a lot of the stress out of the process, letting you focus on putting your best foot forward.

You retain all of the rights to your stream after the session. We’ll provide you with a high-definition video of the entire webinar, as well as transcripts and reports if desired.