Let’s take a moment to talk about why video marketing is so effective. Maybe you have thought about switching but shy away from committing due to cost, skill or time. In the age of the portable screen, video marketing has started to replace a huge chunk of the marketing mix in recent years, with traditional techniques such as flyers, word-of-mouth and print marketing taking a steady decline. With such high popularity, video has become easier, cheaper and more effective than ever! Let’s take a look at how video positively benefits your business.

Improves performance

Businesses that use video marketing can reach larger audiences, which generates leads, increases brand awareness and can gain up to a massive 50% more engagement compared to images or text! In addition to this, you can measure performance with a lot of platforms, providing you with data and analytics on your video. You can analyze what works and what didn’t, meaning you can then refine your campaign and lead to more results.

Videos lead to increased ROI

Having more customers seeing your video means more chance of turning those viewers into leads. With a higher click-through rate compared to other mediums, you can direct your customers to your website, shop, or provide them with further information. In fact, those click-through rates can increase your conversion by more than 85%, leading to higher ROI. How exciting is that?

Videos capture attention

It sounds pretty obvious, but video moves, and that’s eye-catching! Viewers will stop to see what’s going on, unlike a static image. In fact, viewers will spend 5 times longer viewing video compared to images. This gives you more chance to convey your message, sell your brand and expand your customer base.

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