Video content creation – the new buzzword for 2020. Companies are using it, YouTube is filled with it, and with the impacts of the pandemic this year – we have welcomed terms like ‘Zoom’ and ‘video conference meetings’ into our vocabulary of tech things to know about.

With the possibilities that video content creation brings, it’s no surprise that companies are seeking to use more video in their communication strategies and seek tools and tips to stand out from the crowd. Whilst we know tools and skills in video production aid in creating an awesome video, we are big believers in the strategy that goes behind creating a successful video. In saying that, here are our tips to elevate your video content creation. 

Know your audience

A key part of creating any video is knowing who the video is for. This should be carried out throughout the strategy and in the execution of the video. To begin with, when framing the context of your video it is handy to know what your viewer looks like. If they are in primary school, for example, you may want to keep the script simple and the visuals colourful. Or if you are targeting corporate clients in an accounting firm, you would want to incorporate a more sophisticated look and sound in your video content creation. 

Knowing where your audience will be watching your video is handy to know too. Things like subtitles and video crop size can be the difference between a high and low video engagement rate – another important point to consider in your video content creation. 



Create a video brief

When creating a video, you should always have a brief in mind to help orientate where the video is going. You can easily film footage but without any context to what the video is for, where it will go and the audience that it aims to target, the story behind the video can be easily lost. To make the most out of your video content creation, you want to have a clear message and theme to come across in your video. That’s where creating a video brief can help keep yourself and team on track.


Include a call to action

If you’ve put all this effort into creating a video to enhance your communications strategy, you’d want to make sure you get your desired outcome out of it, right? Part of creating a video that leads to a desired action or outcome is having a clear call to action. This can be anything from linking the video to a landing page or having a simple reminder at the end of your video to remind viewers about a particular point – the importance of staying home when sick, for example.


Analyse your data to improve your videos

After publishing your video, you should keep track of the performance by analysing your data. This is a clear and proven way of ensuring your video is reaching the targets you set. We publish our videos for our clients on a platform called Wistia, which measures ROI through metrics such as watch times, skips and parts of the video that have been re-watched. To make the most out of each and every one of your videos, we would also suggest you use a similar platform to track the metrics for your video. This can help inform where your video did not perform so well and what to change in your next video content creation strategy.


Invest in the right tools for video content creation

Whilst point and shoot style videos can bring a natural and authentic look and feel to your video, by investing in the right equipment, you can elevate your video even further and make it that much easier to deal with on-camera issues such as grain and sound.

We recommend investing in a 1080p HD camera, light, tripod and microphone as a basic set up. All of this is included in our SelfV kits, which contains all the bits to get you started making professional videos. If that’s not your cup of tea, hiring a full-service video production company can guide you in creating your video from start to finish.

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