1. Keep it Short and Sweet

To increase the effectiveness of your video, try not to pack too many ideas or messages into the one video. If your video is too long or packed with too much information, viewers will lose interest, stop watching, or might not retain the vital information you are trying to convey. Instead, focus on one idea or message to present to them in a direct, clear way. Keep it short and compelling.

2. Content is King, and so is Your Audience.

Do you know who your audience is? Do you know what problems they are trying to solve? Are you trying to sell to them instead of being engaging? It’s super important to know who you are conversing with and what it is they are trying to learn. If you speak directly to the customer’s point of view, it will grab their attention, build trust, reduce bounce rate, and increase conversions. Don’t sell, be engaging.

3. Have a Call to Action.

OK, so you made a concise, engaging video that speaks to your customer, wonderful! Now what? Have a call to action at the end of the video. Don’t leave your viewer hanging, give them a place to go, or a task to do. Whether that’s a ‘contact us now’ action or a link directing them to your website, a call to action will ensure you don’t lose them at the end of your video but instead move them on to the next step in the pipeline! Contact Vmation now to learn more – see what we did there!