Video and email marketing go hand in hand. Which is why we’ve put together our top three tips for incorporating video into your email marketing plan.


When it comes to email marketing, your database is your best friend. Not every video you create is going to be relevant to every person in your CRM. Make use of your customer data and segment your list to suit your content. A tailored, relevant message is always going to see a better engagement rate.


You’re never going to get your email 100% perfect for every user. But, you can optimise it for the vast majority. Look at your data and optimise for the devices that your audience is using. Then test, test, and test again! And take note of the best practice guidelines for whichever EDM platform you are using.


What would you rather click on? This, or this? Make sure your video thumbnail is engaging and enticing to your audience so that they want to click through and watch you video. And don’t forget to make sure it accurately represents the content of the video itself and isn’t misleading.

For more techniques for getting the most out of your video marketing, get in touch today.