Vmation is Brisbane’s leading video production house.

Our video production team specialise in film, editing and all things video marketing

Are you looking for a video production company in Brisbane?

Our local video production team specialises in film, animation and all things web video marketing.

Inherent in our business, is our expertise.

Our extensive range of video services covers everything from filming to complete animation. We provide our clients with unique solutions to get the most out of every video, including tailored video marketing strategies.

An innovative and tailored approach.

Our priority is to create unique, customised video content that truly delivers on your business goals, marketing campaign objectives and meets all short and long term goals. We take care of the entire process from start to finish.

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What To Expect From Brisbane’s Leading Video People

Vmation is Brisbane’s leading video production company and production house. Our team of experts create a range of online videos your business can use to connect with customers, prospects and staff. This includes branding, marketing, explainer, events, testimonial, training videos and much more. Our expertise allows us to provide our clients with unique solutions, including a tailored video marketing strategy, to get the most out of every video. Whether your videos are for internal or external use, we provide solutions for every communication platform and desired outcome. Our corporate video production agency enables you to engage your audience as they travel through the customer buyer funnel, nurturing them toward purchase

Unlimited Expert Support

Get the most out of every video with access to your very own dedicated producer, working with you from start to finish.

Marketing Strategy and Analytics

We workshop the best video marketing strategy designed to meet your goals, and then give you ways to measure the results.

Ideas and Technology Innovation

Using the latest trends, technology and equipment, we’ll help you tell your message in an engaging, insightful and creative way!

Custom Solutions That Convert

We’ll help you maximise your lead generation and conversion results using state-of-the-art, call to action video strategies.

The Power of Animated Training

Animation is a highly effective learning and branding tool that captures the attention of viewers in less than 1/10th of a second.

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The proof is in the clips. See for yourself.

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Introducing SelfV

Don’t need all the bells and whistles of a full service agency? Check out our you-shoot-we-edit option, SelfV.

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Vmation video production process explained

Video Production Workshop

We develop a deep understanding of your business, people and key drivers through our video production workshop. Simply pick a date and we take care of the rest.

Video Marketing Strategy

We provide you with a complete video marketing strategy that is aligned with your objectives to achieve your desired outcome.


We value your feedback to ensure all key performance indicators are aligned with your marketing strategy.

Shooting / Animating

According to your desired corporate web video style , we will shoot and/or animate your video with a systematic and professional approach.


We will work with your marketing and IT teams to ensure your web videos are effectively distributed to your target audience. We take care of the hosting as well.

Web Video implementation

To achieve the best video performance possible, we embed the web videos and incorporate call-to-action technology to secure sensational KPIs.

Measuring Performance

To get the most out of your video, we track, measure, and evaluate key statistics. We consistently adapt to build best of breed corporate web video solutions.

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