Video Landing Pages: Why They Work So Well And How To Make One

Trying to convey your business’s aim and vision in a different way? Want to stand out from the competition but can’t figure out how?

Video landing pages are often used to increase conversion rates and boost leads. They are also a powerful way to engage your audience, build interest and create excitement for your product or service. Vmation’s expert team of videographers can provide exceptional video production for your business, no matter how big or small you want to go.

When creating a video landing page, there are a few key elements to keep in mind. The headline is the most important part of your page. Make sure it’s clear, concise and catches your viewer’s attention.

Keep your copy short and to the point. Your viewers are likely to skim through it, so make sure the most important information is front and centre. Use an eye-catching thumbnail image that accurately represents the video content.

Here are a few reasons why video landing pages work so well:

1. Videos Help Your Audience Absorb Information Better

When you are trying to convey your business’s vision, the most important aspect is the delivery of the aim. Video landing pages help you get your point across in an interesting and engaging way.

2. Videos Help You Engage Your Viewers More

With video landing pages, you can use expressions, intonations and body language to help you engage with your viewers more. This is the best way to explain what your company does without sounding like a robot.

3. Videos Help You Build Interest Quickly

With video landing pages, you can quickly build interest in what you’re offering. The right video will help people understand what you do and why they need it.

4. Videos Help You Create Excitement

People are more likely to get excited about something when they can see it in action. Videos are the best way to show off your product or service in all its glory and get people pumped about what you’re offering.


How Do I Create A Video Landing Page That Works?

1. Determine The Goal Of Your Landing Page

The first step is to determine the goal of your landing page. What do you want your viewers to do after watching the video?

Do you want them to sign up for your newsletter? Purchase a product? Download a white paper? The goal of your page should be clear from the start.

2. Choose What Type Of Video To Use

There are two main types of videos you can use on your landing page: an explainer video or a testimonial video.

Explainer videos are short, usually between 2-3 minutes, and explain what your product or service is and how it works. They’re often used to increase sales or conversions.

Testimonial videos, on the other hand, are customer testimonials that vouch for your product or service. They’re a great way to build trust and show social proof.

3. Decide On A Video Placement And Wireframe Your Page

Now it’s time to start planning your video landing page. Decide where you want to place the video on the page and wireframe the rest of the content around it. Make sure the headline and copy support the goals of your page and that the call to action is clear and visible.

4. Create Your Landing Page Video

Now it’s time to bring your video landing page to life. Use the software you selected to create the page, then add in your video, headline, copy and call to action.

Make sure everything is placed correctly and that the page looks professional. Test the page before you launch it to ensure everything is working as it should.


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