Why We Do What We Do

How We Do What We Do

At Vmation, we take the hassle out of the video production process, so all you have to do is tell us what you want then sit back, relax and enjoy the results and return on investment. How great is that?!


Our team of film and animation experts (we like to think of them as video gurus) workshop your idea and objectives with you and develop a custom video marketing strategy to match.

Your Video Marketing Partners

One thing that sets us apart is how we really get to know and understand your business. For us, the video production process simply has to include a deep understanding of who you are and what you're about. We're not interested in just delivering your video. We're here to build a relationship and be a partner in your video marketing strategy.

Web Video Subscriptions and Single Video Projects

We provide different packages that will suit all of our clients’ needs. We offer single projects which can range from one-off videos to a complete series of web videos. Depending on your requirements, we also provide a subscription service which allows us to work with you over a longer period of time to deliver excellent results and the right outcomes for your business. No matter what your business and marketing objectives are, we can customise a solution to fit. Contact us to get started.

Why We Do What We Do

So, you want to know more about Vmation? The thing that gets us out of bed every morning is working with our incredible clients to create awesome corporate videos. We are committed to providing you with high quality and consistent video content that is relevant to your business and created specifically for your needs. We strive to share our passion in every project, with every client.

We are a passionate bunch of video makers, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of video communication in our clients’ fields and constantly finding new and unique ways to deliver your message in an engaging, insightful and fun way. When we are not chatting about popular animation, the latest tech enhancement or that new cat video, you will find us sharing a meal in our kitchen.

Put simply, we live and breathe film and animation.

Contact our video gurus today to find out what we can do for you.

Nic Hawkins


Nic is passionate about commerce and a specialist in digital marketing and web video, with more than 20 years’ experience in marcomms. An active member of the Royal Australian Navy Reserves, Nic loves spending time with his family, including his sons, Oskar and Harry.

Favourite film: Snatch

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Jason Tunguy-Desmarais


Jason has extensive experience in marketing a wide range of consumer products and professional services. He is passionate about influencing consumer behaviour and driving business success. Jason brings his enthusiasm and skill set for business expansion and communication to every project. 

Favourite film: Pulp Fiction

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Stephen Bergin


Stephen has comprehensive experience in location and studio producing as well as directing, writing, editing and camera. During his 19 years in broadcast, he was the series producer of 3 national television programs. Stephen is the consummate story teller who absolutely loves working with clients to deliver powerful web video solutions that help grow their businesses.

Favourite film: Anything by Steven Spielberg

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Ben Bradford


Ben is a digital animator with over 10 years’ experience in graphic design, animation, photography and film. His creativity and keen eye for detail ensures every project he works on is of the highest standard. He loves bringing stories to life, delivering engaging content that reflects the client's needs and implementing processes that streamline workflows.


Favourite film: Predator or any classic Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Jordan Flemming


Jordan is an enthusiastic shooter and editor who's had experience in many different formats of film-making. He's excited about capturing "the perfect shot" on every shoot, and gets a kick out of impressing clients with well thought out and composed footage.

Favourite film: The Room or The Empire Strikes Back

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Richard Williams


Richard is an experienced and passionate producer, fluent in all forms of film-making. His background in broadcast and corporate production mix well with his passion for creativity to ensure a stylish and professional touch to his projects. He's all about telling stories and he uses his craft to find a unique narrative in the familiar.

Favourite film: Synecdoche

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TK Karski


TK is an animator with a passion for illustration, design and weaving charming stories out of just about anything. Having previous education in both animation and game design, TK delights in utilising creative problem solving to find the best solution for his clients' needs. If you need a character designed, even better!

Favourite film: The Mummy or Pacific Rim

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Sophie Sauzier



Sophie has a background in Graphic design, Marketing and Sales, which has given her the practical experience for project management in the creative industries. Sophie believes in developing meaningful relationships between staff and clients to produce creative project solutions.   

Favourite film: Empire Records or Pulp Fiction 

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