Looking to impress prospective customers or employees? Testimonial videos are a great way to reinforce positive messages about your brand.

Here are some tips to keep your testimonial videos authentic but effective at the same time.


1. Interview people who are genuine supporters of your brand

Reaching out to people who genuinely love your brand – just as much as you do – will increase the chances of them having plenty of nice things to say! This one seems obvious but is always worth mentioning.


2. Don’t ask too early

Ideally, when asking someone to feature in some testimonial videos, you’d want to have someone that has stuck around your business for at least a few months, and if not, preferably longer. 

The longer they’ve worked with you, the more loyal they are likely to be. This means they’ll have more to speak about, which is exactly what you want in your testimonial videos. 


3. Make the interviewee comfortable

Being in front of a camera is not always easy, especially if it’s your first time. The best way to approach getting your interviewee ready is to help calm their nerves. Whether you crack a joke or tell a funny story, this will help them relax and appear more comfortable on screen.

We wrote some more tips on getting your interviewee camera-ready in this article on turning an employee into a video star.



4. Let the camera roll!

This is a great technique to help your talent to forget the camera is there and reduce the pressure of getting it right on the first take. By letting the camera roll, this also gives you the opportunity to capture the outtakes, which can sometimes add a touch of quirkiness and humour to your testimonial videos. 


5. Polish the video by editing it

When piecing together a testimonial video, editing is key to give it that professional and polished look. Adding a lower third, overlay and a few transitions can significantly enhance the professionalism of your video.

One way to fully capitalise on professional editing is to get a team of video experts to edit it for you. At Vmation, we can do just that. Our team specialises in video production from the planning stages –  right to the filming and editing! You can read more on that here.


6. Utilise the testimonial videos on several platforms

Creating a testimonial video can be an investment, so you’d want to make sure you get your bang for your buck right? 

You can make the most of your testimonial videos by posting it on several platforms. For example, you can integrate an employee review on your website landing page, but also share it in an email or social post for prospective employees to see.

Pointing to a video production on a computer screen


How Vmation can help build your testimonial video

At Vmation we have a team of video experts that can help you create videos that are both professional and engaging. We offer a DIY filming solution for those of you who prefer to handle the pre-production and filming stage yourself but want professionals to edit it for you. Or if you’d rather the professionals handle the video from start to finish, we also offer full-service video production. To create more content for less, give us a call