Animations come in different shapes and sizes, but most are still images brought to life to explain a story, statistics, or any and all kinds of information.

Incorporating animated video production into your videos can significantly increase levels of engagement and viewership for your video agency, production service, or video marketing.


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viewer retention on video

Studies have shown that video dramatically improves people’s ability to remember concepts and details.

It is far easier for people to understand and absorb information by watching video content. With video, you can explain and demonstrate procedures with visuals to help employees learn by example.

  • Watch video – 69%
  • Read text – 18%
  • View an infographic – 4%

The Power of Animated Training

Animation is a highly effective learning and branding tool that captures the attention of viewers in less than 1/10th of a second.

Bring your brand to life with animation

Make your viewers reality a little shinier

Animated videos are the perfect combination of entertainment, nostalgia and simplicity. They bring information sharing to life.

Breakthrough the clutter of text

Communicate your key points in an appealing and engaging way. Viewers retain 95% more information from videos compared to text.

Empower your audience

A short explainer video does wonders for your lead generation efforts. Your audience is empowered knowing more about your points of difference.

We animate with purpose

Our price range differs based on the complexity of the animation, story board and tone of your message.

Chat to one of our animation experts today to see how we can help you.

Tough concepts, made simple

A great option for…

  • Abstract and intimate topics related to general and mental health or social issues
  • Go simple! Avoid stereotyping, cast a wider net for a more relatable message and simpler characters

Character first storytelling

A great option for…

  • Appealing to specific demographics with character design, helping your audience connect
  • Emotive, character driven narratives made to engage and linger

    Straight forward learning

    A great option for…

    • Highly visual topics – inductions, instructions, construction! It’s important that the detail helps guide those visual learners out there.
    • Content based in the real world, reflecting real people. A little bit of humour is always recommended, though.

    types of video animation

    You can find a number of different kinds of motion graphics techniques—including 2D animation, 3D animation, and stop-motion—for your animation video

    2D animation involves sequencing together in post-productions illustrations that an artist has drawn in a flat landscape. This sequence creates the illusion of movement and is most recognizable in hand-drawn, classic cartoons.

    Video animations rendered as 3D animation use computer-generated digital media imagery to make them appear more lifelike. This type of production provides exciting marketing opportunities, as you can create a realistic advertisement without actually shooting. 

    The stop-motion technique in video animation has been around for a while, but brands are using it in a new and exciting way. A good example of stop-motion in modern times is a recipe or cooking explainer video. Creators can cut to each ingredient or step in the recipe while creating a short, engaging explainer video. 

    In less than 2 minutes, animated explainer videos help to illustrate complex ideas in simple, engaging, and meaningful ways. They are one of the most powerful resources for content marketers today, with the goal of describing your company’s products (or services) in a way that resonates with your target audience’s pain points — introducing your solution as the best solution.

    benefits of video animation

    Brands choose to use video animations for many reasons. It is more important than ever to catch your viewers’ attention quickly, and motion graphics can greatly increase levels of engagement. In a study by Twitter, posts with animation videos received 55% more engagement than posts without any animated videos. 

    On top of this, video animation can be a great cost-saving measure that offers companies a lot of flexibility. Using video animation instead of traditional shooting can give brands more control over their end product, with a lot less hassle in equipment and timing. 

    Animated videos are a great resource to convey a message simply and clearly, while also presenting it in an exciting and engaging way. Stay ahead of the curve, and make your move to animated video production for your next video production company project. 

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