Animation allows you to visually represent abstract ideas and concepts, in your chosen tone of voice, without overwhelming your audience with text. Animated corporate videos add a human touch to your marketing and are surging in popularity due to the engagement and communication they drive. Let’s take a look at how animation can humanise your brand, and how to use it effectively.

Make the Most of Your Animated Characters

animated corporate videos

The brilliant thing about animated characters is that they can display human emotions and connect with an audience through a sense of understanding and empathy.

When customising your animated character’s age, gender or clothing, you should create a character that closely represents your target audience. You can make them as realistic or as animated as you like, but that decision should be made on what you believe would most appeal to your audience.

Focus on Your Message

The message you convey is the most important, humanising element of your video. At all costs, avoid messaging that sounds scripted, forced and unnatural. You don’t want people to believe that your company is only selling a product or service for the money.

If you want to depict a relatable scenario, the subject matter must feel conversational, reliable and natural. You want your audience to relate to the content and essentially realise that your team are just people like them that share the same problem. The only difference between you is that you’ve found a working solution to that very problem. If you can nail this, you’re well on your way to developing a real sense of trust among your audience.

Use Humour if Appropriate

animated corporate videos

Animation allows you to evoke any human emotion you want, however, the lighthearted nature of animated videos works extremely well with humour. Taking advantage of humour in your script can provide your audience with joy and happiness, leaving them feeling positive about your brand.

Whether you decide to obviously exaggerate a problem or place your characters in an awkward situation, making your audience smile or laugh is one of the most effective ways to drive positive engagement.

Generate Empathy and Relatability

Conversion is most likely to happen when your audience is able to relate to a situation or a scenario. Positioning your audience to feel the same way the character does helps them to become curious about how the character will solve the problem they’re in and keeps the viewer guessing what they’ll do next.

After you’ve established this connection, it’s best to introduce your product or service to solve the dilemma faced by your character. Doing this allows your audience to grasp the benefits of your product or service in a relatable way. Animated corporate videos provide a more memorable way of explaining benefits, rather than you simply telling them how great your offering is.

Leverage the Flexibility of Animated Corporate Videos

animated corporate videos

There’s an entire range of animation formats you can use to generate the best response from your audience. These include whiteboard animation (great for explainer videos), motion graphics (great for product demonstrations), 2D character animation, 3D character animation and many more. Selecting the right animation for the right scenario can assist you in creating a genuine emotional connection.

Animated videos are extremely versatile, so it’s possible to test a variety of different formats with your audience to make sure the style you use is the most impactful, and actively works to convert viewers into customers.

For examples of each unique animation style, read our blog, Animation, not just for kids anymore!

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