Animation is not just entertaining; it’s a highly effective learning and branding tool that captures the attention of viewers in less than 1/10th of a second, according to Demand Metric*.

Animation has the power to elevate your marketing strategy. If you have a complex topic, corporate training or explainer animation videos can bring concepts to life and break through the clutter in a way that text or traditional video can’t. Animated videos are a perfect combination of entertainment, nostalgia and simplicity – and most importantly, they work!

Whether your goals generate leads, brand awareness, product or service knowledge or even a combination of all three, animation marketing has been proven to deliver on all these strategic objectives, and much more.

Typefi – Motion Graphic Animation

Motion graphics animations are an effective way to convey a concept that a traditional presentation cannot. By visually representing an idea, complex information can be easily understood. It’s also an engaging and entertaining way to tell someone about your brand or product. Perhaps it can be just as simple as animating text and shapes but do this in the right way and your words can spring to life.

Ironside- Character Animation

Character animation is relatable, fun and personal! It evokes empathy. Viewers welcome animated characters as actual human beings, and this can generate relatability, which can help someone feel connected to the message being portrayed. Character animation can also remove gender, race and stereotypes to help people feel more included or less targeted depending on the subject – brightening and softening topics as needed.

WLTH – Instructional / Walkthrough

Instructional or walkthrough animations can be great teaching tools to empower your audience and inform them about your product. Your audience will feel more empowered with the knowledge you impart, with up to 144% of consumers more likely to buy your product or service after watching an instructional video about it.

Holden Capital – Whiteboard

Whiteboard animations are a disarmingly simple style that can be used for just about anything! From insurance commercials to safety videos, you can speak to your audience in a clear visual language that uses recognisable symbols and common knowledge that anyone can understand.

Animated corporate videos are continuing to grow in popularity thanks to the huge engagement they receive from audiences and the way that they drive communication and engagement with customers. If you think Animation can work for you or your business, contact us today.