Organisations can only be as good as their people, and people can only perform at their peak when they are committed, motivated and have clear direction. Remove one of those key foundations and you will find the organisation struggling to get traction.

THE IMPORTANCE OF internal communication

Vmation has years of experience helping senior leaders communicate, build and maintain internal communications and culture through video. Video allows senior leaders to communicate directly with staff, celebrate cultural exemplars and share organisational values, all in an engaging way.

We understand the effect that people can have in an organisation that we have spent years mastering the art of internal communications, with the aim of helping our clients achieve their organisational objectives and maximise the potential of their people.

Our work includes (but is not limited to) employee inductions, training, CEO messages, explainer videos, thank-you messages and employee safety videos (this is so important we created a dedicated page for it link to employee safety video page). Below are some examples of some animated explainer and internal communication videos we’ve worked on recently.

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viewer retention on video

Studies have shown that video dramatically improves people’s ability to remember concepts and details.

It is far easier for people to understand and absorb information by watching video content. With video, you can explain and demonstrate procedures with visuals to help employees learn by example.

  • Video Viewer Retention – Up to 95%
  • Reading Information – 10%
  • Hearing Information – 10%

corportate culture messaging 

In a post-Covid world, with increasingly distributed workforces disrupted by travel restrictions, how are senior leaders to build and maintain a strong corporate culture?  The answer is video.

Videos are an easy, engaging, and cost-effective way to send information to employees in a format to which they are likely to pay attention.

Research has found 95% of a message is retained when it is watched in a video compared with just 10% when the message is read in text form.

Personal preference for video is also high: 80% of people will watch a video while 20% will read text on a page.

People prefer video to any other medium, whether it be an update from the CEO, training and education, or staff onboarding.

Our Corporate Video Production Services

Our expert staff at Vmation have many years of experience creating internal communication videos. We know that capturing your the tone and essence of your culture is key to engagement. We take all the hard work out of video creation, helping you with the storyboarding, scripting and organisation.

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