At Vmation, we work with clients across the education spectrum including early childhood education, primary schooling, vocational training and international students within the tertiary sector.

Our education clients use video and animation as a way to market to potential students and parents, deliver safety content to students, and keep stakeholders informed.

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Benefits of using video

Most people tend to absorb information better from video and audio sources than from text. By adding captions and/or voiceovers to a video you engage even more of the senses with even higher retention rates. As 65% of people are visual learners they will benefit from education and e-learning video production that is targeted their learning style. 

Videos are an essential supplement for guiding and promoting a multi-sensory learning experience.

Animations can make explaining an abstract concept much more manageable. Graphical animation in particular can help show the internal workings of a product or process, while white-board drawings and animated avatars can illustrate a complex concept with ease.

Animated videos add an extra layer of interest to an education and e-learning video production, and if done correctly, can enhance the viewer’s learning experience exponentially.

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