Drone & Aerial Filming Services

Drone video adds a wow factor to corporate video. The different perspective gives a completely different visual experience, creating a sense of motion and grandeur, which captivates and grabs the viewer’s attention.

Our drone operators are fully licensed, which requires considerable training and certification. A licensed drone operator is aware of location restrictions and will navigate to capture the most engaging content of your surroundings.


The Power Of Video

A well-produced drone video can capture unique perspectives and stunning aerial views, making it an effective tool for showcasing products, services, and locations in a visually compelling way.

Check out some of our recent drone location filming video we have created for our awesome clients.

Viewer retention on video

Studies have shown that video dramatically improves people’s ability to remember concepts and details.

It is far easier for people to understand and absorb information by watching video content. With video, you can explain and demonstrate procedures with visuals to help employees learn by example.

  • Video Viewer Retention – Up to 95%
  • Reading Information – 10%
  • Hearing Information – 10%

Benefits of Drone Filming

Drone or aerial filming can elevate the content of your video. Drones can get a birds-eye view to capture the essence of a place or an event in an engaging way that helps viewers see a space from a new, broad (and overhead) perspective.

Bringing a fresh perspective to your video production can increase engagement. Studies show that with 80% of videos, people rarely watch more than 20 seconds–no matter the video’s length. Hopefully, utilising drone footage  will keep your videos current and exciting, engaging people for longer.

For more information on how to get the most out of your location filming video contact our expert team today.

Drone & Aerial Filming Queensland

Have you seen footage of the Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast from the air? It can be transfixing! Perhaps you have seen new development real estate sales packages with aerial views of the offered property. In recent years, we have been able to see more low-flying loving footage from the increasing utilisation of drone services for photography and videography.

Drones are remotely operated aerial vehicles that have mounted cameras to shoot video footage. Aerial filming was once only accessible to those with a considerable marketing or filming budget, but drones offer organisations a chance to have amazing shots without breaking their budget.

Using drones allows videos to have fluid, beautiful movements because drones use a device called a gimbal. A gimbal is a stabilising tool that keeps the camera steady and horizontal, no matter how it moves. Seeing these shots in action can add a perspective to your video that viewers have never seen.

The skills of the drone operator are key, also, since it takes a steady hand to pilot a drone using remote control technology. Using drones commercially do invoke some legal requirement, such as the need for public liability insurance, which provides up to $20 million in cover for third-party damage and bodily injury claims that may arise from your drone’s operation.

Our Corporate Video Production Services

Using a combination of video and animation will engage people’s attention and help them retain information: with the right videography and animation, a message that might take 5 minutes to comprehend through a written update can often be absorbed through a 45-60 second video.

Our team can help you use video and animation to bring complex ideas to life, creating deeper audience engagement.  Our experience allows us to help shape your messages in a way that is specific to your context and needs, generating the results you’re looking for.


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Get the most out of every video with access to your very own dedicated producer, working with you from start to finish.

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We workshop the best video marketing strategy designed to meet your goals, and then give you ways to measure the results.

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We’ll help you maximise your lead generation and conversion results using state-of-the-art, call to action video strategies.

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As your full-service video, animation and eLearning partner, we have years of experience helping our clients craft engaging content.

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