Drone video adds a wow factor to corporate video. The different perspective gives a completely different visual experience, creating a sense of motion and grandeur, which captivates and grabs the viewer’s attention.

Our drone operators are fully licensed, which requires considerable training and certification. A licensed drone operator is aware of location restrictions and will navigate to capture the most engaging content of your surrondings.

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Benefits of Drone Filming

Drone or aerial filming can elevate the content of your video. Drones can get a birds-eye view to capture the essence of a place or an event in an engaging way that helps viewers see a space from a new, broad (and overhead) perspective. 

Bringing a fresh perspective to your video production can increase engagement. Studies show that with 80% of videos, people rarely watch more than 20 seconds–no matter the video’s length. Hopefully, utilising drone footage  will keep your videos current and exciting, engaging people for longer.

For more information on how to get the most out of your drone video contact our expert team today.

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