Onboarding new recruits can be costly in both time and resources. Whilst there are some elements of the onboarding process that are best delivered in-person – such as introducing colleagues and learning where the basic facilities are – there are other aspects that could make better use of your time, and that’s where internal training videos can help! 

For example, if you want to show new recruits what the culture of your company is like, you can take them around the office on a tour and wait till they settle in a bit to get a feel – or you could show them a series of internal training videos to shine light into the company culture and get your new recruits off on the right foot. 

Creating internal training videos not only helps to simplify the onboarding process, but it also enhances the professionalism of your brand. Imagine arriving on your first day of work after a few interviews and being given no resources on what to expect before you step foot in the office – not a good look.

This will likely make you feel nervous, for sure, but also a bit weary of the company you are about to work for. 

Even if you do get given a package of materials, pen on paper can feel a bit like watching paint dry and doesn’t fully set you up to what to expect on your first day. 


man watching internal training videos


Now imagine receiving a package of videos that include a tour of your workspace, an introduction to your role, and a video showcasing the company culture. What would you think? A bit relaxed after seeing some friendly faces? Excited to be working for this company?

This will likely set your new recruits off to a great start, which is what you want when you introduce a new hire into your company. If you’re not quite convinced on the power video can have on your audiences, watch this.



Now that you’ve seen how a simple video can help communicate your brand message, here are some types and forms of video that you may want to use in your internal training videos.


Piece-to-camera Explainer Videos

These types of videos are great for explaining more personal topics, such as company culture, testimonials and messages from the CEO, topics that are best represented by a person. 

They show another face, which makes it more personal and allows recruits to feel more relaxed. To create this type of video you can hire a video production company, or film this on your schedule using our SelfV kits

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Animated Internal Training Videos

There are some topics that aren’t easy to understand the first time around or contain sensitive information, like workplace bullying or harassment. 

That’s where animation comes in. Animated videos can break down complex topics in digestible bites, and convey messages about sensitive topics in gentle ways. See this example we did for our friends at QuiHN. 


Safety Videos

No matter the role, safety is important. Essential information like where the fire exits are and what to do when there is a break-in, is a must-know for all employees. 

If you are working in a construction company or any field that requires hands-on work, employees need to be well across PPE. 

Learning about safety doesn’t have to be boring though! Check out these internal training videos we did for our mates at Hutchinson Builders.  

Create Internal Training Videos with Vmation

Vmation offers a range of services to help you create internal training videos suited to your needs. From products ranging from animation to full-service and DIY filmmaking using our SelfV kits, there is something for everyone. 

For more information about Vmation and our services, get in touch with our team.