Looking to attract, develop and engage top-quality talent in your organisation? Training videos are a highly effective tool that can do just that. Here’s how you can use training videos throughout your recruitment process to attract, retain and engage your staff. 


Recruitment Video

In a crowded marketplace, hiring top talent can be difficult and competitive. There are more companies out there than ever, making it increasingly difficult to differentiate your organisation from the rest. If you’re looking to capture the hearts and minds of top candidates, you need to first grab their attention.

Video is a medium proven to engage audiences far more quickly than images and text, allowing you to show, not just tell prospective employees about the job. With 77% of applicants looking at company culture as a metric when applying for jobs, video can encapsulate this in the most authentic way possible. This allows candidates to visualise what it would be like to work for your company but also gets them excited about the next steps in the recruitment process. 



Training Video

If you don’t already include video in your training, this is your sign that you should! There are countless resources that point to training videos being one of the most effective ways to train staff. Here are a few points to consider…

1. Knowledge is shared and consistent

To begin with, training videos allow knowledge to be passed down consistently and concisely, every time. No more, “I didn’t learn that” or “I wasn’t told that.” Using training videos ensures all staff are trained to the same high standard.



2. Quantifies the success of training

When judging the effectiveness of training, this often relies on word-of-mouth or qualitative data, especially for in-person training. This becomes difficult to measure, particularly when there are hundreds of staff coming through the training funnel. By using training videos to teach staff, more quantitative data becomes available, allowing you to dig deeper into what is and isn’t working.


3. Save on costs by using a training video

By investing in training videos, you can cut down your training budget by reducing distribution costs, which is often the biggest culprit for draining training costs. This leaves more of the budget for more of the fun activities, like end-of-year celebrations, end of work drinks and yes, those delicious cheese platters.


4. Reinstates the importance of safety procedures

To prevent staff injuries or hazards in the workplace, safety training is a must! Jingles, dot points and clear visuals are essential to getting these key points across. Whether using animated or non-animated videos , either approach can work wonders in communicating essential safety procedures.


Internal Communication Video

Whilst training is an important part of any HR budget, there is a lot more that goes into ensuring all staff feel welcomed and engaged in their role. This includes acknowledging staff achievements, having a positive company culture and simply appreciating the work that your staff do.


1. Community engagement video

With younger generations becoming more attuned to global issues, having and showing strong company values helps your brand stand out from the rest. Your people want to see the good your company is contributing to society, and be proud of the company they work for. This can be as simple as a video showcasing a charity event you have recently sponsored or an internal video of your team pleading allegiance towards helping solve a global issue.



2. Thank you video

Whilst hand-made cards are a nice gesture, it’s 2021 and video is the new norm. Sending thank you messages through video is an intimate and personal way of showing appreciation to your team, partners, or even investors, especially to those that are working interstate, in a regional area or overseas.


3. Award ceremony video

Your staff appreciate the recognition, so award nights are often one of the most joyous events of the year, and an opportunity to take a break from day-to-day work activities. To celebrate such a momentous occasion, an award ceremony highlights video is the perfect way to encapsulate all the laughter, tears and celebrations from the night. Given its digital nature, employees can watch it back and re-live these moments again with video.

Video is not only an engaging communication tool, but it also saves costs on training, ensures a high level of compliance, and connects people in a more intimate way.


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