How can video increase brand awareness? We’re so glad you asked.

Now more than ever, creating engaging, high-quality, personality-filled video content provides the opportunity for companies to boost their branding and holds the key to staying relevant in an ever-crowded market. If you’re not too sure what this means – don’t worry, we have the latest on company video branding and it’s importance.

First, let us bring you through a recent case study between Vmation and WLT:

The Problem?

WLTH developed an easy-to-use online app for  their customers and wanted to show how simple it was to add your bank account to their services. The current  product explainer used a PDF with images and words. This took about 6-7 mins to read through and the uptake from their customers was not at the level they had anticipated.


Vmation’s Solution?

Their market was busy professionals, they needed something that looked classy, modern and sleek. We came up with this animation using a 3D model of a  phone overlaying graphics of the app. This reduced the time of the explainer down to 45 seconds. 

The Result – Much greater engagement and uptake of customers adding their bank accounts to the WLTH  services. 


This project’s success can be broken down to 2 factors: 

Animated Video

By using animation as a video marketing technique, Vmation’s solution managed to generate a level of engagement that texts and words can never achieve. In less than 2 minutes, animated explainer videos help to illustrate complex ideas in simple, engaging, and meaningful ways. 

Animations are one of the most powerful resources for content marketers today, with the goal of describing your company’s products (or services) in a way that resonates with your target audience’s pain points — introducing your solution as the best solution.

Incorporating WLTH’s Company Branding 

By incorporating their branding to suit their target audience, the explainer video gave WLTH the opportunity to stand out among its competitors – reducing the noise surrounding the company and product. 

HubSpot reports that 54% of consumers want to see more video content from brands they work with, and 72% would prefer to watch a video than read text when learning about a new product or service.

Essentially, Vmation’s video for WLTH captured the company’s personality while providing digestible content that makes processing the information much simpler. In an industry as complex as the financial industry – content like this will stand out among the crowd.


So, the final product:

Making video easy for you

We understand that video and animation is perceived as difficult. We have gone to great lengths with our processes to make it easy for you to deliver impactful video content.


To make things even easier,  Vmation is giving the first 5 people to respond for the month of march get a free studio-shot video. We are offering 2 different options:

1. Studio shoot with some simple captions

2. Studio shoot with some overlays, if you have any existing video or images you would like to include


The most work you have to do is attend our kickoff meeting. We capture everything in our strategy document and then write the scripts for you, create storyboards and keep you updated all the way. All you have to do is approve or give us your amendments.

All you have to do is fill in the form below and we’ll do the rest! Just type MARCHPROM2O22 in the description so we know who you are!

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