Whilst social distancing has its benefits – no longer having to deal with pesky co-workers – it has made it challenging for all businesses, especially those that rely on interpersonal services, to engage with customers.

Despite this, maintaining customer relationships is crucial to sustain your business during this time and keep consumers interested for when restrictions begin to lift again.

To keep customers engaged, businesses across the spectrum are getting creative – from online workouts to sharing adorable pictures of their furry co-workers.

To help generate ideas on how you can stay connected with your audience during this time, we’ve curated a list of four ways you can provide value for your customers – all from the comfort of your home!


Create humorous #WFH content

One of the benefits we’ve experienced from working from home is having the most adorable co-workers (no offence to the team).

Since working from home, we’ve added five new members to our team. On our right, we have Murphy. He is our newly appointed assistant editor. More on that on our Instagram channel.

Humorous content goes down like a treat, and especially in a time like this, we all need some light-heartedness!


Create online tutorials

Who doesn’t love a good YouTube tutorial? With the internet booming, online content has never been more relevant.

If your business holds physical workshops or classes, online tutorials may be the perfect solution to digitise your business and keep the cash flowing.

You can film yourself teaching an audience and overlay it with close-ups, descriptions and motion graphics to make it interactive and engaging.

Creating polished tutorials can also provide just as much value as in-person classes as they are high quality, long-lived, flexible to make and consume, and saves both parties time and money otherwise spent running brick and mortar spaces.


Film ‘a day in my life’

Whilst this is a difficult time for everyone, at the end of the day, we are all in this together. Sharing how your company is adapting to online life, through a ‘day in my life video’ can help customers relate to your brand on a more personal level.

Humans are naturally nosy people – we can’t help it! If you can create an engaging storyline, most people will want to watch it.

You can work with a professional video team to help your video stand out from the crowd. Our talented team can help you piece together a storyline, and edit snippets from your team’s day – with title cards and branding if you so choose.

Host an online webinar

As everyone is shifting to digital channels to communicate, webinars are a great alternative to traditional seminars.

It’s great for audiences who live remotely, and you can still deliver the same content as you would in a seminar – with some slight amendments of course.

Having a recorded version of your webinar is also valuable to distribute for audiences who can’t make it, or want a copy of the presentation to watch later.

During this time it’s important to remember that we are all in this together. Vmation offers a flexible approach to creating high-quality videos from the comfort of your home. Chat to the team today to find a video solution that fits your needs.