85% of businesses use video as a marketing tool — a 35% increase since 2017. (Hubspot)

So you’ve decided on creating a video for your marketing strategy, but after hours of thinking, you still can’t settle on the perfect idea. To help you tackle this issue, we’ve put together a list of 10 video categories, to help you decide on the best video idea for your marketing strategy:

  1. Company Culture

Do you have a great company culture? Are there any office traditions that clients may find interesting or funny? Consumers want to know your brand and the people behind it, and video is a fun way to do this. It also doubles up as another way to showcase your brand – in a creative and more personable way.



  1. Behind-the-scenes

If you have an interesting process of developing a product or service, why not showcase it? Behind-the-scenes videos are a great way to create content that is entertaining, informative or interesting. It’s particularly great for showcasing the process behind hand-crafted items and services, as the more you can involve customers in your process, the more invested they will be.

  1. Vlogs

Vlogs are one of the most popular forms of video content on the web. They are self-filmed “video blogs” of people going about their day-to-day life. In a business sense, this could look like an employee filming “a day in their life” video. GrooveHQ, for example, documented their journey to building a $100k/ month software company. Another way to film a vlog style video is to convert a blog you’ve written into a video format.



  1. Q&A

Q&A videos, like interviews, give audiences the opportunity to interact with a brand directly. This type of video aims to engage and interact with audiences. Q&A sessions are also a great way to show transparency behind the brand.


  1. Product Demonstration

If you have an amazing product or service that has defining features, product demonstrations are a great way to flaunt them. Very few people buy products without consulting their friends, so showcasing their unique selling points is another sure way to win them over. Product demonstrations are also particularly useful if the product is complicated, and further explanation is needed.




  1. Testimonial

Word of mouth and social proof are two proven factors that are important in the decision-making process. This makes testimonial videos great. Not only because they help validate what a consumer thinks about a brand, but also because they are an engaging and easy medium to consume. In that way, creating great testimonial videos can work in your favour, to win the attention of more clients and consumers.



  1. Interview

If you have an important or interesting member of the team, why not leverage this to your advantage? Interviews are simple to produce and can be a great way to inject authority into marketing content or shine a light on a star within the team. This is useful for getting an important point across if you want that credibility. Or rather, interviews can also put a spotlight on personalities in the team that add interest to the company.




A little note about this video** ‘Mo’ the director of Albatross Tours is a real guy, who is such a character they asked us to animated him!


  1. Announcements

Announcements don’t need to be as boring as watching paint dry. Gone are the days where you would post a standard announcement on a bulletin. Personalised and fun announcements are the new cool. So whether you’ve got a new office location, job opening or an upcoming event, why not stand out from the crowd, and create a fun video to match?

  1. Explainer

Sometimes you have a complex topic, product, or service that just doesn’t do with a simple explanation. That’s where video excels. Due to its interactive nature, it is far easier to understand than images and text alone. Animation can even help convey complex topics that require more of a visual guide to help understand.

  1. Live Talks/ Presentation

If your company hosts talks or live events, why not get a double bang out of your marketing buck by recording it? This will mean that you can spread it across socials or send it out to the guest list as a recap. It’s an easy way to get out another great piece of content, so you can capitalise on money and time.




That’s 10 video categories to get your creative juices flowing on ideas for your marketing strategy.

However, whether you settle on an explainer video, vlog, behind-the-scenes, or another, it’s important to remember that a great video also needs to be entertaining, informative or interesting.

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