We’ve all been there. It’s hour six into your binge session of Game of Thrones or cat compilation videos. “I’ll just watch one more episode” you tell yourself. Next minute, it’s time to go to work and pretend like you’re not half-asleep.

It seems more and more of us have this attitude towards online video content. In fact, a report released earlier this year by Deloitte revealed that on average, US consumers spend 38 hours watching video content every week. Yes, you read that correctly. People are investing the same amount of time as a full-time job into video content each week. Which begs the question: what are you doing to be there for your customers in those moments?

Realistically, all of that time isn’t being spent on Game of Thrones. People want to learn new things and video is where they turn to meet that need. This means that a good portion of those 38 hours is also spent watching more educational videos like how-tos, explainers and FAQs. Your audience wants the same things from you that they want from their movie streaming service. They want to watch high quality, original content that is relevant to them, on-demand.

Think about your audience and what you can help them with. Explore your area of expertise and create video content that truly aims to provide helpful information and empowers your potential customers. Put yourself in their shoes and preempt what questions or problems they may have, and then create videos that respond to their issues so that you are in the right place at the right time when they are next searching for answers.

By helping your audience to be successful, you build brand recognition, brand trust and brand loyalty. Then, you can feel free to go back to your own binge session. Don’t worry; this is a judgement free zone.