Back in the good old days, video used to be a luxury marketing item! But with the introduction of “you shoot, they edit” agency models, you can now keep costs down and your engagement up – and with more control to boot.

And here’s the thing – your competitors already know this and are implementing video, giving them the upper hand when it comes to brand awareness, testimonials, thought leadership and product or service information.

This means your competitors are developing relationships with potential clients in a more engaging way, and in ways you have not yet implemented.

Video is no longer only being employed by the trendy design orientated industries, but across the spectrum we are seeing industries benefiting from a thoughtful and strategic video implementation plan.

For example, in the banking industry, companies are using explainer videos to gain clients trust and facilitating adoption of new processes. A simple walk thought video explaining common processes like making deposits or scheduled transfers, can have a huge impact.

Manufacturing, notoriously an overly crowded industry, is using video to break through the noise. By providing product information in a visual way, customers get a subtle little sales pitch for the product, which in turn leads to more sales. In fact a whopping 48% of consumers have said that they’ve made a purchase after watching a product video!

On the flip side, health care industries are helping carers, patients and the general public with common procedures, health tips and preventative measures via video. This helps health professionals provide informative content around several health topics in an easily accessible, digestible way – making everyone’s life a bit easier.

Real estate, travel and hospitality industries utilize video to give potential clients a 360 degree view of what they can expect from the visit or property, selling an experience and ambiance, not just a picture. This gives the viewer a taste of what to expect when visiting in real life, generating more qualified leads for you as a business, saving time and ultimately money.

If you would like to knock your competition out of the ring with video, contact us today.