If you’re in the real estate market, and just can’t manage to sell that home, chances are you aren’t showcasing it to its full potential. Due to the hyper-competitive nature of the real estate market, the single best way to differentiate your property from others in the area is by using property videos. Real estate videos do more than just show off the property, they immerse the viewer inside the home and help them to imagine a life living there.


How Do Real Estate Videos Help to Sell a Home?

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By providing a ‘virtual tour’ of the home you’re trying to sell, you can connect on a personal level with the buyer and increase your chances of the sale materialising in the future.

Video works as it guides potential buyers through the layout of the home and works to show off the lifestyle connected with living there. People looking to buy a home are looking for a lifestyle, one with ideal lighting, views, neighbourhood and also the surrounding area, so these are all important factors that your prospect needs to know.

Chances are that they’ll investigate all these features of the home in person anyway, but by showing them before they even visit the property, you’ve gained an advantage by creating an emotional connection between them and the property.

Further to this, if it’s your voice overlaying the video you can gain important leeway on giving the potential buyer insight into who you are as a person, your skills and also your accomplishments. It’s no secret that prospects are more likely to make a purchase if they trust the agent making the sale.

If you can achieve all of the above on your online property listing, chances are you’re on track to generating a significant number of leads.


Real Estate Videos Generate More Reliable Leads

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Property videos can benefit all stages of the sales funnel. Whether your prospect is ‘just looking,’ or are close to making a significant purchase decision, you’ll want video marketing involved. Why?

Well, according to Brightedge, videos increase your click-through rate, which drives a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engine results. More clicks result in more viewers and more leads for your property listing. In fact, real estate listings with videos receive 403% more enquiries than those without video.

As well as generating more leads, if your prospect is close to making a decision, a compelling video can be the difference between them sending an enquiry or deciding to continue with their search.

Videos are also extremely easy to share across platforms, and due to their ability to quickly capture the attention of viewers, social media sharing can generate additional leads.


Benefits of Using Real Estate Video

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As well as benefitting sellers by generating more leads and nurturing customer relationships, a well-made real estate video is also extremely valuable for buyers.

According to the 2017 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 39% of homebuyers used sites with embedded video during their home searches, and 56% of them felt it was “very useful.” This is because a property video showcases much more detail than can be shown in selectively angled images or described in the text.

In short, videos build trust, generate more interest, showcase more information and allow for better advertising opportunities.


Vmation’s Video Production Services

Vmation has the creative team and the necessary skill to bring your property video to life. Whether you need full-service video production (inclusive of a marketing strategy) or would like to shoot and direct the video yourself, we can help.

Our DIY solution, SelfV video production kits, provides you with all the technology needed to expertly film the property for sale. Our team of editors will then edit it for you to guarantee a professional and reliable outcome.


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It’s no secret that video content can help you land a successful sale. For more information about our video production service or our ‘you-shoot-we-edit’ service, get in touch to get your real estate videos underway!